Sabina, January 2020

I called Emma-Jane for a crash course in labour and what to expect prior to having my second baby. Yes I’d done it before but I was feeling anxious after a tough year and just wanted a friendly, knowledgeable person to speak to. Emma-Jane was just perfect. I felt completely at ease with her and could ask anything, no matter how daft it might seem.

I then asked Emma-Jane to come over for a spot of post-natal support. I’ve been lacking confidence as to my baby-parenting skills and it was just perfect to have someone with me who could chat through any concerns, reassure me and hold baby for me for a bit.

I’m really grateful to Emma-Jane. She’s a warm, friendly, open person who isn’t there to preach, just to listen, support and gently guide. I’d highly recommend her!

Becky, May 2019

I booked Emma-Jane for a one-off postnatal appointment to support with feeding. I was so happy with the support and guidance Emma-Jane gave me. It was great to have the time with a calm, warm professional 1:1, without feeling rushed or judged.

Rachel & Venn, January 2019

With a text book pregnancy, dreamy home birth and a track record of breastfeeding our eldest under our belt, we figured postnatal support was the least of our worries. Not so. Emma-Jane struck the perfect balance of being reassuringly knowledgeable and professional, and yet warm and ‘human’. We felt safe, understood and well-directed as we navigated those early days and weeks with her by our side. The hormones, exhaustion and new family dynamics make for a heady mix and having Emma-Jane in our corner was invaluable. Forget the buggies, cute baby clothes and fancy bouncers. What really matters in that initial postnatal period is having the highest quality support – both physical and emotional – to give you the best possible recovery and running start into motherhood.

Joanna, January 2019

I was fortunate enough to have Emma-Jane as my midwife for my third trimester and post-natal care with my first baby. I was so grateful for all her pragmatic advice and reassuring support both before and after the birth of my baby. She has such positive energy, I really looked forward to her visits, especially in those tough first few days with a newborn, and felt so much more confident with her support and guidance. At times when there were any concerns, she always went above and beyond to put my mind at ease.

She really is excellent, you’re in the best hands with Emma-Jane.

Kate, January 2019

Emma-Jane was my midwife for my first baby, born January 2019. She carried out my antenatal and post-natal appointments (not the birth as I went into labour 5 weeks prematurely and she was on hols). During the antenatal period she provided so much information and reassurance. It was amazing having someone so friendly and calm, I felt totally at ease with her and much more relaxed during my pregnancy than I thought I would be. After my son was born she continued to take good care of us, including on the phone between appointments if I had questions or worries. I felt confident and relaxed under her care and really appreciated her advice when I was getting breastfeeding established. Her approach is relaxed but reassuring and she really knows her stuff – exactly what a new mum needs when your life gets turned upside down! I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Bethany, December 2018

I was immediately reassured that all would be fine in regards to my pregnancy and the delivery when I first met Emma-Jane. What a warm friendly lady who I felt familiar with straight away. I had the delivery I had hoped for, which was a water birth at home. Emma-Jane was exactly what I needed at that time – kept as much hands off as possible but was there when I needed her. It all went so smoothly, and I know it’s because Emma-Jane’s calm demeanour put me at ease. I’d highly recommend her, that’s for sure!

Jess, September 2018

We just wanted to say a big thank you for those brilliant, bespoke antenatal classes. We really didn’t know what to expect (we haven’t done this before!) but we’ve come out feeling informed, confident and with every question we can think of answered. Now all we need to do is just get on with the real thing…. And although we’re feeling confident, it’s really great to know that you’re down the road and offer post-natal support as well, just in case!